Pocket Tradesman™ is a quick and handy reference manual that can easily assist the newest recruit or the most experienced worker.

Pocket Tradesman provides important information and helpful reference tools used by trades people everyday on the job.

Pocket Tradesman™ currently offers four editions – the Pipefitter’s Edition, the Welder’s Edition, The Basic First Aid Edition and the Rigger’s Edition.

Each booklet is conveniently sized at 3½” × 5½” (made to fit in your coverall or shirt pocket), coil bound and can withstand any weather conditions.

Pocket Tradesman™is designed to save time and increase efficiency and productivity on the job by providing consistent job knowledge and information.

This product enhances the level of workmanship, quality control and overall safety, while reducing the amount of on-the-job errors.

Pocket Tradesman is Now Available on the App Store!

The Pipefitter Edition and Welder Edition of the Pocket Tradesman Books are available as convenient Apps for your iPhone.